Valentine’s Day Fatigue

Valentine’s Day Fatigue

It has been 11 years since I said, ‘I do!’
4015 nights of broken sleep for you!
Please for the 4015th time do not wake me
To the wrangling of politics or
Manufacturing’s demise.
Fatigue is now my insignia.

11 Summers of holiday fighting
Hundreds of jokes in the offering,
You laugh till you ache and
I stare bemused!
11th Valentine’s Day. Please no jokes today!
Signed a weary Champion.



What I nearly did.

When asked, what did you nearly do?
At once I knew. My failure.

Politicians say, a single mother is doomed,
Her children too.

I raged, not mine. Not mine, I cried!
Childhood was a breeze.

Their teens? Not even a waft of angst!
Torrents of emotion burst their dam of control.

They hurt in places I cannot reach.
Crumbling from the strains of adulthood.
I nearly made a success of motherhood.

18 in 2018

A young girl turns 18 in 2018. Her yearning for daddy can now be satisfied. – A marriage to the boy of her dreams.


18 in 2018 – Aspiration: Marriage to an army man.

Eighteen, in the year Two Thousand and Eighteen

No future.

Aspiration: Marriage to an army man.


For benefits.

American 18-year-old marries to secure

Insurance: Obamacare soon to be dissolved.

Housing: Shelter is expensive.

Money: army provides education.

Forward march: Boys to glory, Girls to nursery.

Youth of today say ‘No’ to bondage.

Your History cries out to you! – ‘No!’


Your future.

You have been conned.

The rich.

Do the Comfortables; Blairs, Bushs, Trumps and Jong Uns send their children to war?




Politics for the politicised youth – the politics of Christmas

The politics of Christmas


We discover your Santa lies and a few more

You give us gifts you cannot afford

You gamble with the future. Money is scarce you say?

Our wants insatiable, only because you said our heart’s desire is all.


We guzzle our choice of fine foods till sore

You leave none for the days ahead

Yours is to live today as though there may be no tomorrow?

We want even more. You did say we could have our hearts’ desires.


The tinsel down, time spent, bargains galore

Our zero contract hours raises young blood pressure gauges

Your legacy to the youth: freedom as employment fugitives?

Our hearts’ desires will need more than a pension at sixty-seven. 

I am Bigly

I am Bigly, whisper sweet nothings in my ear.


I can read and comprehend

I like to make words up, don’t you know?

I know that word doesn’t exist

But if I say it like I mean it,

You’ll have to accept my word and me!


I have learnt conventions

I know I can lose those rules when I am infamous?

The prism through which I see the world is opaque

I prance about in the spotlight

Dancing to the tune of my ego!


I am very frightened

I know you will reject me, for me and posterity?

I am not good enough to lead you

So, I’ll shout you down

Violently publicise my leadership!


I am painfully impervious

To informative advice; action not reflective?

My disorder is oppositional, I can’t hear you

If you rein me, I’ll implode

Exploding us in my demise!

Helen is YOU: male and female.

helen is you twitterHelen’s accomplishment is determined by the Powerfuls,

Her story has been shaped by the male voice

She is more than as narrated by artistic expressions.

Helen is taught to pimp her talents at the altar of Art

Till she screeches for redress

A Helen shouts for justice

And another Helen,

And then another Helen

Till the burgeoning voices unify into a crescendo for change in a generation.

The weighty snowball flattens one miscreant.

The bugle call demands action.

Now, Karen wants her voice heard,

She pimped her statesmanship at the shrine of Politics

She garners her strength and cries for justice

And another Karen adds to her cry,

Then another Karen

Their growing voices snowball, stronger at each new cry.

All the Helens and Karens stand shoulder to shoulder along the coast of liberation, Pioneers of a new civilization looking out to the horizon, awaiting a new era.

In care

A young man with big dreams wants to enjoy a ride of success through life. He has the raw material: intelligence. He understands how people operate, he learns how to get his way using people, he knows he should empathise but life has dealt him a harsh deal and he is angry.


In Care


Exhale slowly till sixteen


Prisoner of homes.


Exhale even slower at fifteen and three quarters


Prison is home.